It was an honor and pleasure that our company’s production facility was visited by representatives of the Chamber of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Pharmacy, wholesalers, and pharmacies in the Republic of North Macedonia. 🇲🇰

The short presentation of our products released on the Macedonian market was the reason for visiting the production facility and sharing the experiences of producing liquid dosage forms with the highest GMP quality.

PHCANN International appointed Mr. Sasho Stefanoski as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Group.

PHCANN International is one of the leading European companies in the field of production and distribution of medical cannabis according to EU standards and good manufacturing practices, with its offices in Germany, Poland, Croatia and Macedonia.

Sasho Stefanoski has been part of the successful mission of PHCANN International for more than 6 years. He was part of the management team of NYSK HOLDINGS (a subsidiary of PHCANN International) which created the modern production capacity in Macedonia, and participated in the company’s certification process according to the European Union standards which resulted in obtaining the EU GMP certificate.

Previously, Mr. Stefanoski held managerial positions in several governmental institutions in Macedonia and was the CEO of the Health Insurance Fund.

The Board of Directors of PHCANN International recognized Mr. Sasho Stefanoski’s commitment in the past period and decided to entrust the further development of the company to him, in accordance with his clearly declared commitments to increase the sales segment and reduce the operating costs. At a time when the world and the global economy are still facing challenges related to rising production and transportation costs, Mr. Stefanoski has started the most significant steps for the further expansion of the company’s sales in EU member states, such as Poland, Germany, Czech Republic but also in global markets such as UK, Brazil and Australia.

PHCANN International’s vision in the upcoming period is making its premium medical cannabis products even more accessible to any group of people who require medical cannabis in order to improve their own health, increasing the awareness regarding the benefits of the therapeutic use of cannabinoids for the treatment of various illnesses

European medicinal cannabis company PHCANN International has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Canngea in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the arrangement, licensed B2B manufacturer and wholesale distributor Canngea will register, import, store and distribute PHCANN products in both markets.

CEO Zlatko Keskovski said Canngea won the distribution rights after an exhaustive competitive process.

“PHCANN’s philosophy has always been to keep the patient at the heart of what we do, and Canngea’s focus on science and compliance is very much in line with our own values,” he said.

Canngea has a partnership with the University of Sydney to facilitate research and development.

Keskovski added: “We have been observing the Australian and New Zealand markets for some time and feel they have matured to work in line with healthcare professionals and meet patient expectations of quality and consistency.”

Canngea managing director Ryan Ballantyne said: “PHCANN International has responded to market demand for high-quality medical cannabis by investing in new facilities, including a fully equipped cannabinoid research and testing laboratory to research the microbiology and stability data of cannabinoids in all forms.”

“This level of quality is exactly what Australian and New Zealand customers deserve and are demanding, and via this agreement, PHCANN and Canngea are uniquely placed to meet that demand.”


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Grow Pharma, has launched a new range of low-priced flower products, with the hopes of broadening access to prescriptions for patients.

Grow Pharma has today [Friday 27 May] announced the launch of a new range of flowers for patients in the UK and Channel Islands, cultivated by licensed producer PHCANN in North Macedonia.

In recent years, Grow Pharma, alongside pharmacy partner IPS, have developed a reputation as a reliable and responsible supplier of prescribed cannabis medicines in the UK.

The company now imports and distributes all premium and quality brands available in the UK including those from Aurora, Tilray, Spectrum and Columbia Care.

With this new range of medical cannabis flowers from PHCANN it hopes to further broaden access to prescription cannabis flower medication for patients who need and would benefit from it.

Grow Pharma is well known for its outstanding service to patients and prescribers, says Pierre van Weperen, Grow Pharma CEO.

He commented: “We have long recognised that patients and prescribers would benefit from a lower priced quality flower to complement our range, it has just taken us a while to find a GMP licensed range that lives up to our standards, including supply integrity.”

A new range of GROW oils, also from PHCANN, is in the pipeline to be launched soon.  Prescribers and pharmacists can find full details on Grow Pharma’s Doctor Portal or contact one of the team directly.

A reliable source

Last October, Grow Pharma launched a range of flowers under the same brand, but the range was discontinued.

Clare Holliday, head of medical cannabis at IPS Pharma, explained: “At Grow Pharma and IPS, we prioritise quality, consistency and reliability in the supply of cannabis medicines. This means working with only the best “premium” brands, which are often higher priced. After a long search, we believe PHCANN can provide a great range of quality flower medicines at our lowest price to date.

She added: “The flowers we launched in October weren’t from PHCANN, they were being grown elsewhere and it turned out that the supply just wasn’t reliable. Rather than strive on with those medicines going in and out of stock, we discontinued the range until we could source a supply that both we as a pharmacy and, more importantly, patients can rely on.”

Low prices for patients 

Patients often ask which clinic to go to in order to access certain medicines or brands.

The truth is that, whilst some clinics have a preferred pharmacy (often owned by the same parent company as the clinic), any medicine from any pharmacy can be prescribed by any doctor at any clinic.

This is really important for patients to understand as many report being offered limited options and having to be quite assertive in order to use their pharmacy of choice.

“UK patients aren’t used to paying for medicines and understandably look for the lowest-priced option that works for them,” said Alex Fraser, patient access lead at Grow Pharma.

“I think what we’ve seen historically is that, when cheaper ranges are imported into the UK there are often issues around stock levels and inconsistent quality.

“We’re hopeful that, with this new range from PHCANN, we can ensure consistent, reliable supply of quality medicines at a lower price. That doesn’t take anything away from the high-quality portfolio that we already have for patients. It might enable patients to mix and match, something that we have been seeing quite a lot recently.”

Grow Pharma understands that some patients wish to avoid radiation, so are adding a non-irradiated range to their extensive formulary that now boasts 27 flower cultivars alongside a range of capsules, cartridge vapes and the ability to formulate sublingual oils with bespoke THC and CBD ratios.


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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Luxx Lighting, an industry-leading company that researches, designs, and manufactures high-performance, cultivation specific lighting for the cannabis industry and Athena Products Inc, a vertically integrated formulator, manufacturer of liquid and dry fertilizer blends designed for commercial cannabis cultivators enter into a long term supply partnership with NYSK Holdings. Luxx Lighting and Athena Products are consistently found in the facilities of the best cultivators around the world. The partnership between Luxx Lighting, Athena Products and NYSK Holdings was sealed after months of research and development and close coordination with the respective companies’ senior management and cultivation experts.

Pharmacann – NYSK was founded to address the real need of medicinal cannabis in the European Union and abroad. The company has invested in its operation in Macedonia with the goal of producing the highest grades of medical cannabis based on API (Active Pharmaceutical Substance). Along with conforming and adhering to pharmaceutical standards, their primary goal is patient-focused and they are heavily focused on research, awareness and education.

With an 18,000 m2 (193,750 ft2) facility with 7,516 m2 (80,901 ft2) of cultivation space, NYSK boasts one of the most impressive facilities in the world. 3,000 Luxx DE 1000w 400v fixtures have been outfitted to provide lighting for hundreds of thousands of cannabis plants. Athena Products supplies a granular fertilizer, the Pro line, a mineral-based formulation that provides all required nutrients and is the most balanced, cost-effective method of fertilization.

Head of Cultivation, Vlado Keskovski at NYSK – ‘The EU market is moving quickly and countries are passing cannabis positive laws monthly. This led to our decision to work with Luxx Lighting as our lighting partner and Athena Products for nutrients. Both have delivered solid and stable results. Their products allow us to produce the highest standard of products that conforms to the EU GMP standards.’

General Manager of Luxx Lighting – Brent Nicholls stated ‘Partnering with the largest and most technologically advanced cultivator in the EU market is an honor. NYSK has given excellent insight into the emerging EU market, where regulations and consumer demand are different from the United States. Luxx Lighting and Athena Products not only brings a level of professionalism to the NYSK team, but stability and consistency to produce the highest quality product that the EU market has seen. As the cannabis industry in the European Union continues to expand, the exponential demand prompts our teams to stay ahead of the growth and provide the best knowledge and resources to the market.’

As advances are made in the cannabis industry and deregulation and acceptance of the market expands, technology and good business tactics will evolve globally. Continued partnerships between industry leaders such as Luxx Lighting, Athena Products, and NYSK Holdings set precedence for cultivation practices and put these companies at the forefront of the quickest moving industry to date.

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