PHCANN INTERNATIONAL uses state-of-the-art methods of extraction of cannabinoids based on cold ethanol extraction. The technological process incorporates sophisticated equipment and appliances that enable the production of extracts.

The extraction process is a complex process and it depends on the type of equipment and appliances and the unique knowledge of our employees. We perform a technological process of cold ethanol extraction because this is regulated by the European Pharmacopoeia.

Through the extraction process, we obtain extracts based on cannabis.

We perform additional technological steps in order to obtain the active cannabis oil needed for the production of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) out of which final pharmaceutical products may be produced.

PHCANN INTERNATIONAL is providing extraction services to third parties.

Extraction Products

Due to the possibility of producing Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, as well as the fact that our company employs experts in the pharmacy field and taking into account the industry knowledge shared by our foreign partners, PHCANN INTERNATIONAL produces final pharmaceutical products and they will be available on the European market.

In the process we use highly sophisticated equipment for the production, filling and packaging of final products. Our products have the highest pharmaceutical standard EU GMP.

The production takes place in various formulations of cannabinoid-based products, CBD and THC and their combinations.