General Information

PHCANN INTERNATIONAL is a multinational pharmaceutical company, operating in accordance with EU GMP standards, with Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our corporate social responsibility is to provide patients in need of products containing high-quality cannabinoids of natural origin and to disseminate knowledge about the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. We work closely with partners, doctors, and patients to fully understand patient needs.

Phcann’s mission is to make available a wide range of medical cannabis preparations for patients, who can benefit clinically, at the right time, and at an affordable cost.

Phcann’s cannabis facility has incorporated the latest growing, extraction, and packaging technology as well as established scientific methodologies to develop targeted medical cannabis products.

The facility has fully vertically integrated indoor operations, its own extraction facility using the latest Cold ethanol extraction technology for the production of pharmaceutical liquid forms/formulations, and its own laboratory for testing cannabinoids, research, and development.

The facility meets the highest standards of the EU GMP criteria, from seed to packaging to storage. The annual capacity of dry flowers is 15 tons and 500kg/day of extraction capacity.

We guarantee the safety of our products with our EU GMP Quality Control state-of-the-art laboratory.

Phcann operates at the highest levels working with government officials in various countries making sure that all compliance standards and requirements are followed and all certifications and licenses are current and Up To Date.

Understanding the global market, Phcann has created a worldwide infrastructure with its own independent distribution channels on 3 continents and has the ability for constant stable supply in a timely manner.

The ability to distribute via our own channels has given us a market advantage and faster market penetration and delivery of our products.